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Tìm boss, ZALO 0347233656

Posted: Sep 26, 2022

Fun with Apple Card

Posted: Sep 21, 2022
I doubt this will be an epic but I figured I need to record this for posterity just in case they screw up and send me four of the brand new Apple AirPods two the second generation of noise canceling Apple goodness. I think the first hint that something...Read More


Posted: Aug 24, 2022
Dirty trash talkingRead More


Posted: Aug 01, 2022
when july 23 i did not get the 2 girls, the ladys ex husband wants to keep them.....but monday july 25th i took in 2 males and 2 females and 2 ferrets, i am fostering them til the lady finds a house to buy, if she decides to not get them i get first op...Read More

next saturday july 23, 2022

Posted: Jul 18, 2022
on satuday july 23, 2022 i will be receiving 2 female sugar gliders named hono and lulu, i will be calling them jane and judy. the lady contacted me asking if i could take them. her husband asked for a divorce and he is keeping the house, she moved out...Read More

Ask and I shall receive... Or give

Posted: Jul 07, 2022
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xcsWu_YnflshBwmSLiHUiDeEdI5Ku8ji/view?usp=drivesdk Oh!That seems to have workedWhat between gadget issues and catching a cold it's been a postponed setup really but hopefully the rough patch is done for a bit as I am al...Read More


Posted: Jul 06, 2022
I hope you start with my first blog and work your way up to this one. OK I have skipped a chunk which I prefer not to share well not at this present time. and ok I have a partner in a celibate relationship. we have different tastes , well I do, but we ...Read More

full on

Posted: Jul 05, 2022
after I got picked up by Tony, I met martin in a nearby layby, at first i thought he was a cop, but turned out he was a butcher!. He lived with a female partner but had plenty of free time. I ended up spending a night at his house where he fucked me, m...Read More


Posted: Jul 04, 2022
what do we remember from our childhood i have things i remember and a lot i dont like my sisters i dont remember them younger all the memories i have of them was in their teens, i guess because they are older they were in school while i was small then ...Read More

early stirrings, innocence & Denial

Posted: Jul 03, 2022
I never really thought about sex, I knew animals did it and how they did but never thought much about humans. it was not talked about. I was interested in what the other lads looked like in the showers but that was about it. As I neared 18 I decided i ...Read More

early days

Posted: Jul 03, 2022
I lived , as I still do , in the United Kingdom in a very rural area. My father was a farm worker, the son of a small holder and related to a line of market gardeners. he was 42 when he got married to my mother, a butchers daughter. It took 3 years for...Read More

introduction to me

Posted: Jul 03, 2022
Most people who know me or see my user name, will know i am passionate about plants and horticulture. link this with photography, and most things outdoors and you have a pretty good picture of me. Some people will know me as Ted, I am happy to share t...Read More

my life after richard

Posted: Jun 27, 2022
well to start off correctly when they started talking about legalizing same sex marriage me and richard talked about it we were both ready. we felt we had been through everything possible that we could do a marriage, then right before they made it lega...Read More

my codependancy with animals

Posted: Jun 19, 2022
as most know me at any given time i may have several pets from dogs to reptiles. currently i have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 parrot, 2 sugar gliders, and a turtle. im know to take in animals and find them new homes, some times it works out and sometimes it doesn...Read More

a bit about me

Posted: Jun 13, 2022
in 1990 i turned 21 just got clean from smoking crack. my addiction wasnt long i started smoking it in the summer of 87 after high school, lost every thing my apartment my car everything and i ended up homeless.in 1989 i went to stay with a friend to t...Read More

one of the toys

Posted: Jun 12, 2022
this is a reset vine, they can pull the leaves out and carry to their nest if they want.Read More

before getting a sugar glider

Posted: Jun 11, 2022
please do your research they a very high maintence. diet specific you cant just provide them with pellets and thats it, they feed in the wild on nectar, saps, baby birds, insects and other things feed pellets as an addition for their teeth. use low sug...Read More

how im feeling

Posted: Jun 11, 2022
im on my way to bed, im thinking about not chatting any longer, im not up on current events, or politics for that matter, i know a lot of people in chat like me, but all i basically do is go in and say hi..........there are a few people i chat with but...Read More

new toy

Posted: Jun 11, 2022
i made betty and wilma a seahorse toyRead More


Posted: Jun 09, 2022
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rTET_KsoKsiBMBhDpBH3GtonciaD0Tsc/view?usp=drivesdk Read More

this past weekend

Posted: Jun 09, 2022
we did tent time and i added an addition on to their cageRead More

sugar gliders

Posted: Jun 08, 2022
hello most of the chattersfrom the lobby know me and know my love of pets, i have kept several types my favorite being sugar gliders, i have 2 betty and wilma, the reason i like them so much is they are a challenge to keep diet wise, and i love making ...Read More


Posted: Jun 07, 2022
WELCOME TO BLOGS FOR GAY CHAT!We've been working for months to create member blogs and we're happy to announce they are now available! Look for "Blogs" in the main navigation menu to see member blogs or to create your own blog entries. This is where yo...Read More